Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s sense of mission

By Amah Baldwin   

In almost every polity, there exist unabated conflicting emotions. Intra and inter party conflicts usually take the centre stage, especially ahead of major elections.

But a helmsman, a politician or a public office holder who knows his or her worth refuses to succumb to the above past times.


      Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi

Instead, he focuses on his mandate, with a great sense of mission. In fact, his style, his demeanour impacts on the people.

Surveying the Coal City environment, the urban suburbs, the rural areas, an observer would not help, but enter a verdict to the effect that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has acquitted himself in office. He has disarmed, even the critics on the other side.

His accomplishments in the first term have become a reference point. He recorded the feats with unfettered spirit, and of course, with absolute devotion to duty.


      PDP Women at Achi Court premises


      PDP Women at Awgu

 A close study of the activities of Governor Ugwuanyi since assumption of office in 2015 reveals a picture of a visionary, an administrator, and labourer who believes in touching the lives of the downtrodden hoi polloi.
With his hands on the steering, leg on the throttle, the compass and direction of his government has never been in doubt. This man of the moment has through practical demonstrations, endeared himself to all sections of Enugu state, what with his irrevocable commitment towards putting similes on the faces of the people.


PDP Scribe in Enugu Hon. Cletus Akalusi speaking at Awgu parley

The PDP administration has constructed several kilometres of urban and rural roads, as well as bridges in the three senatorial districts of the state. Only recently, the three-kilometre stretch, the Milliken Hills received unprecedented facelift. The road, constructed in 1909 by the British colonial administration was last retouched by the government of Jim Nwobodo, way back in 1981. This narrow road leading in  and out of Enugu from Ngwo now has it’s embarkment fortified to serve as better alternative to the Enugu-Onitsha express that has since collapsed at the once popular Onyeama Mines. Simply put, the revolution at the Milliken Hills, from Ngwo through New Market is better seen than described. 

Instructively, today, motorists and commuters who cursed and derided the previous administrations over the dilapidated condition of the Ngwo-Ninth Mile highway are singing different tunes. A traveler, elated by the new status of the Milliken snapped: “Does this governor need to campaign for votes here again?”

As a matter of fact, Ugwuanyi who has always inspired his audience with the refrain, “Enugu is in the hands of God,” said unequivocally that his preoccupation would be to pay attention to his social contract with the electorate, notwithstanding the economic downturn.

Drawing inspiration from the saying that the essence of government is service to the people, the governor said that his duty remains to resolve the issues of mass poverty, hardship, misery among rural folks. He pledged to commit his best efforts by opening up rural communities, and in the same vein, galvanizing the ruralites for economic activities. 

Early in 2018, the government donated the sum of ten million naira (N10m) to each of the over four hundred communities in the state. 

With the first tranche of five million naira, (N5m) now secure in the treasuries of the communities, the   gesture, expectedly sparked off developmental strides, such that most part of the states are today bubbling with economic activities.

At first, Ugwuanyi hosted an Economic Investment Summit to spur rapid development.

At the opening ceremony of the event tagged: OGANIRU ENUGU INVESTMENT SUMMIT held in the Coal City April 2016, the Governor said, “If former President Franklin Roosevelt could lead America out of the Great Depression; and if President Barack Obama could lead the Americans out of the economic meltdown, we can do the same for Enugu state.”

In all departments of governance, the Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwanyi has made impressionable impact; no wonder, people from all classes believe he is best suited to take Enugu state to greater heights.

In the past months organizations, corporate groups, labour unions, community leaders have given the Governor a clean bill of health for navigating the ship of state, even beyond their expectations.

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