APC vs PDP: The Brickbats

Amah Baldwin

It was in a fit of anger that the APP National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiohmole reacted to the defections which reduced his party’s numerical strength at both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Fifteen Senators and thirty Representative members showed their back to the ruling APC. Oshiohumle was miffed.

APC vs PDP: The Brickbats 1

Behaving mush like a wounded lion, Oshiohmole boasted that the APC would crush the rebellion against it. He was not enfeebled by the “Tsunawu,” at least so it seemed.

“I believe the rebellion will be crushed using superior power of argument, and persuading our people not be forget in a hurry where we are coming from”, he roared.

Oshiobaba went on: “The idel fellows within the APC are the ones complaining. There are a lot of people who don’t have any other thing to do and once they don’t hae access to the national home pot, they begin to complain”.

Oshiohmole’s opposite number in the PDP Price Uche Seconded proved that he was equally a crack nation art of brickbats.

Savouring the harvest of 15 APC Senators, now in PDP’s kitty, seconded responded to Oshiohmole’s threars and uncompromising posturing. Said he; “what has happened is evident that Nigerians are tired, and have made up their minds to do away with Buhari’s government”.

The PDP Chairman did not stop there: “If democracy must survive in our country we must do away with APC, and Nigerians are ready and willing to do just they cherish democracy as the best form of government”.

But, as the party leaders spoke, something happened.

Akwa Ibom Senator, and Minority leader in the upper chamber Godwill Akpator, interjected with a bang.

As the PDP counted its blessings with excitements and victory dance, Akpabio Struck.

He defected to colleagues dubbed him a conspirator. In response, he ran a comment “I like to be a conspirator who joins hands to conspire to brig food to the tables of Nigerians; I like to be a conspirator who joins hands to conspire to bring peace to Benue State; I like to be a conspirator who join hands to aspire to stop killings in our county; I like to be a conspirator, who joins hands to bring uncommon transformation of Nigeria”.

But seconded insisted that those National Assembly members who returned to PDP from APC remain true lowers of democracy, to which Oshiohmole aired foul.
“Anyone that leaves APC to PDP have no honour”, he echoed.

“I still maintain that I don’t see any man of honour who with his eyes left PDP on account of their gross mismanagement, abuse of the treasury and all the crimes that the PDP committed; I don’t see them, whatever their irritations, that can be justifications to return to that house”.

Seconded reminded Oshiohmole that, going by the poor performance of his party in the last 36 months, and the determination of Nigerian to put the country in the right footing, that President Buhari had celebrated his last Democracy Day on May 29 2018.

“He (PMB) can’t celebrate Democracy Day again”, his said. Oshiohmole disputed seconded on the disposition of Nigerians towards APC and Buhari”.

According to the Ed State former Governor, Nigerians are aware of the intrigues, where they were coming from, for which seconded apologized to them shortly after taking office as PDP boss.

APC Chairman looked in the direction of seconded and said: “Nigerians are wiser. They know that corruption is fighting back and that the president’s resolve to fight corruption must elicit a counter force, and that force must find attraction in some people”.

The senate President fired his own salvo. “Beats one’s imagination how the head of an agency could have authorized the brazen assault on the legislature that we saw yesterday”.

Saraki was reaching to the unwanted invitation of the National Assembly by armed security agencies on the orders of the Director of Security Services DSS on….

“The rain fell, the sun rose, but Nigerians stood their ground in defence of democracy…” they attempted to execute an illegal impeachment of the leadership of the senate without the backing of the law, but they faltered”.

“I am confident that, together, we shall always defeat acts of unconstitutionality”, the SP concluded.
But one of his nemesis, Adams Oshiohmole on Saraki’s track warned the kwara Price to do the needful and throw-in the towel”.

Uche seconded description of Saraki/ Ekwueremadu removed plot as laughable and childish did not impress the APC Chairman. The diminutive Comrade called Saraki bhiffs: “I am calling on Dukola Saraki to as matter of honour leave the crown in the house that the crown belongs. I mean you should not collect a crown that belong to a family and wear it on behalf of the family for you r personal reason .. you have gone to another family”.

Now, Dirio Melaye and Peter Fayose. Senator Dirio Melaye, and Peter De Rock – Ayo Fayose the strong man of Ekiti politics have been veritable sources of entrainment, in form of theatricals in the past three and half years of Buhari administration.

No week passed without them dishing out uncomplimentary remarks about the APC. Ahead of the July 28 2018 Ekiti governorship poll, with the attendant tension His Excellency Governor Fayose, apparent, fearing that APC would unleash its federals might on the Describing himself as a “street boy”, Fayose said he was fully prepared to face the whole machinery of the federal government.

He boasted, “Nobody can stop me because my name is Peter, the rock, you hit me, you in trouble, I hit you, you are in trouble”.

Then, the election day. It was alleged a policeman manhandled the governor and he fell down. Peter De Rock broke down in tears. He groaned: “I am in pain. I can’t turn this neck. I can’t take this anymore. If anything happens to me, the Inspector General of Police should be held accountable.” Therefore, he retreated, at least for a good rest”.

APC’s enfant terrible, Senator Dirio Melaye, now in PDP decided one morning to annoy APC’s boss, the governor of Edo State.

He chose the floor of the Senate launch his high flown diatribe. Melaye was supporting a motion moved by Senator Enyinagu Abaribe on the need to patronize Made-in-Nigeria goals Said the belligerent Senators from Kogi: “We will also move in order to encourage Made-in-Ngiera products and begin to talk about Made-in-Nigeria Woman”.

“Apologies to my uncle, the Governor of Edo State, we must as a people stop paying dowries in dollars and pounds. It is true for any colleagues have to become born again”.

Oshiohmole’s new wife Her Excellency Lara Fortes from Carpe vorde Oshiohmole did not take the rhetoric or in it affront lightly. He fired back.

“Any responsible individual That is truly worth to be called a senator, a position that Convokes respect, decorum and Decent public conduct should
Know the limits of his verbal Diarrhea”.

“Many of such eupo-cenfic mentality he has persistently displayed on social media, to underscore his materialistic eccentricity, hence his dialectical opposition to Made-in Nigeria goods”.

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Amah Baldwin

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